Sarah Pascarella received her Masters in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College. Her first novel, The Virgin Mary Hotline, is available via Kindle and Nook. She is currently at work on her second novel, Undertones, as well as a graphic novel, Stony Road, in collaboration with her uncle Rick Stromoski.

Short Stories

  • Embolus in Levee, September 2020
  • Arabesque in Fiction Southeast, June 2020 (also available via audio file)
  • Serotiny in The Maine Review issue 6.1, May 2020
  • Fumes in Third Street Writers “Beach Reads 2: Lost and Found” anthology, spring 2018
  • Sullivan Square in Scout Somerville, spring 2018
  • Riverbank in Long River Review, 2018 issue
  • Beneficiaries in Embark issue 2, October 2017
  • Acquaintance in ink&coda issue 4.1 Winter 2017
  • Master Class in The Quotable issue 12: “Courage and Cowardice”
  • Cast Away in Gravel
  • Right Palm in Inklette
  • Pretty Cute in Temenos Fall 2015 issue: “Funhouse Illusions” (“Flip”/click at the upper right to page 43)


Graphic Novel


  • Seeking Warmth in Aquifer: The Florida Review Online, March 2019
  • Patty in Booth, October 2018

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