The black coils of an Eastern Rat snake shine under a light

In my latest story, what happens when a person whose default setting is avoidance has to deal with the highly unpleasant, immediately, and all by themselves?

In Solo Shift, my new short story in The Petigru Review, Tanya, the owner of a small cafe and mercantile, finds herself face-to-face with a snake just before the Sunday-morning rush. As the story unfolds and she addresses the urgent at-hand, the long-put-off becomes clear.

Interestingly, this story first came together in September 2020 (the year of prompt stories) – and here we are, two years later, seeing it published just as September ends.

Thanks to the editorial staff at The Petigru Review, especially Sue Cryer and Maria Picone for such a fruitful collaboration, and my constant readers – the unparalleled SWIG workshop and Andrew Wagner.

Read Solo Shift in The Petigru Review

Photo courtesy David Clode via Unsplash


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